Who We Are

Superior Healthcare Management is a Minnesota-based network of nursing and rehabilitation centers. We provide superior healthcare services in 7 facilities across the state of Minnesota, including long term, transitional, hospice and respite care, as well as specialty services, such as a young adult unit, an all female dementia unit, as well as traditional locked memory care units.

What We Do

Exceptional Hometown Care

Serving as one of Minnesota’s premier networks of skilled nursing facilities for your nursing and rehabilitation needs, Superior Healthcare Management’s facilities embrace a warm, patient-first approach to provide a wide range of exceptional healthcare services. Each patient feels right at home thanks to our expert and compassionate nursing professionals—many of whom live among and interact in your communities every day. We understand the needs and wants of our patients and are devoted to ensuring they receive the highest quality care. With fifteen locations around the entire state of Minnesota, we take pride in being there for our local communities.

One With Our Communities

Superior Healthcare Management is a family of healthcare professionals that embraces our communities. We are privileged to see members of local towns visit to help their fellow Minnesotans. Teamwork shines daily, as together with our volunteers, we run a myriad of stimulating activities – from bingo and movie nights to field trips and restaurant dinners – we help lift the spirits of our residents while they strive towards a speedy recovery.

It’s All About the Team.

At Superior Healthcare Management, we are proud to have a compassionate team of healthcare professionals that embody our caring, patient-first culture. With many staff members hailing from local communities in Minnesota, our facilities are infused with a warm, hometown energy that resonates with our patients. Dedicated to providing superior nursing care, we work together to deliver the care you need by the people you trust most.

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