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Healthcare is far from one-size-fits-all, and we understand that completely. At Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation, we consider each patient’s unique needs and devote ourselves entirely to servicing them. Being away from home doesn’t have to mean being away from family. At Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation, we care.

Our service centers are uniquely catered to you or your loved one.

In-patient chemical dependency
We provide a home for young adults with disabilities that fosters their inner youth and enhances their daily lives. We place a strong emphasis on the emotional development of each patient and tailor our services to meet their individualized needs. Our highly trained and qualified team of nursing professionals deliver expert physical and psychological assistance for our youth. We offer complete access to physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, recreational therapy 7 days a week and in-patient chemical dependency services.
transitional care
Our transitional care unit is dedicated to increasing recovery speed and returning our patients back home as fast as possible. Using specially designed therapy programs to accelerate rehabilitation, our friendly, skilled therapists and nurses work closely with our patients to guide them quickly back to full strength.
memory care
We believe a community-like environment is vital to the well-being of seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our memory care units feature a fostering social setting that enables elderly patients a chance to feel part of a community and engage with others facing similar challenges. We seek to make our seniors feel comfortable and relaxed, providing them a high quality of living akin to life in the comfort of their own homes.
A short stay offers a unique opportunity to recharge and return home reinvigorated. Expert medical and physical care, coupled with devotion and warmth, are key to an enjoyable stay and even more enjoyable return home. No matter the length of the stay, we take great care to ensure that each resident feels right at home.
long term rehab
At Bayshore Residence and Rehabilitation, we believe that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves. This means offering comprehensive rehabilitation programs to assist each patient on their personal journey. No matter what sort of therapy – be it speech, physical, or occupational – we utilize it to help our patients achieve the highest functionality possible.
long term care
There’s nothing like home sweet home, but for those in need of long term care, we do our utmost to make every resident feel comfortable and to accommodate them with the highest quality services. We assist our patients with all daily activities and attentively care for their emotional needs. During their stay at one of Superior’s facilities, all patients are family.
hospice care
Utilizing expert medical care and a compassionate staff of nursing professionals, we offer a full-scale approach to hospice care. We assist our patients medically, spiritually and psychologically, ensuring they receive a pleasant and meaningful experience during their stay. Our skilled pain- management techniques provide an unmatched level of comfort, enabling them to enjoy each new day as much as they did the previous one. With loving, emotional support, we aim to keep our patients’ and their families’ spirits high at all times.

No Matter Your Needs, We’ll Be There.

Healthcare professionalsOur staff is knowledgeable, professional, and above all, caring.

Beautiful amenitiesOur warm and inviting facilities create a “just like home” experience for our patients.

Gourmet foodOur residence provides a fusion of fine dining and valuable nutrition.

ProgrammingProgramming and activities create a friendly atmosphere within the residence.

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